Vendry Matching Methodology

Vendry matches agencies with clients by combining a cutting-edge, propreitary algorithm with the touch of a human expert. Read about how we deliver great agency searches for our clients.

Step 1

Gathering Requirements

Before we start any search, we want to make sure the process is tailored to you. We want to get a deep understanding of the following:

  • What are your goals?
  • What does your company do?
  • What's your culture like?
Step 2

Building Your Candidate Pool

There are hundreds of thousands of agencies that Vendry has data on, and we rely on our proprietary algorithm to find the most relevant ones for you. There are 7 dimensions that our algorithm uses when assessing whether an agency is a good fit for a partner.

  • 1
    Skill Mastery: Demonstrated expertise with a skill or set of skills as part of a client engagement.
  • 2
    Client Satisfaction: How satisfied previous clients are with this agency.
  • 3
    Communication Skills: Assessment of the professionalism, timeliness and language proficiency of the organization.
  • 4
    Regional Knowledge: Prior experience operating within a given region or set of regions.
  • 5
    Industry Exposure: Prior experience operating within specific industries.
  • 6
    Client Profile: Preferred client characteristics, such as pace, budget, organization maturity, etc.
  • 7
    Thought Leadership: Expression of ideas or opinions that influence and drive innovation in others.

We source this data from a combination of client interviews, investment groups such as venture capital or PE firms, industry collectives, and thought leaders with significant agency experience.

Step 3

Ranking Proposals

Vendry will review every proposal from your candidate pool. Our internal experts review each proposal by hand, and score these proposals based on a combination of the agency's strategy, demonstrated experience, and stylistic match.

Our team will compile a short-list of 2-3 agencies that we will present to you. For each agency, we will provide a rationale for why we think this agency may be a strong fit, citing their strategic approach and different case studies.

Step 4

Finalizing Your Search

Vendry will introduce you to the agencies with the top proposals. From there, we will support from the sidelines as you dive deeper into strategy and finalize contracts with the agency. When and if the contract is finalized, Vendry will collect payment from the agency.

There is absolutely no obligation to work with a Vendry agency. While we would love to have found you a great match, you are free compare the agencies we provide against the agencies you have found yourself. This keeps us accountable to providing the best quality search, and helps us learn about new agencies that we should consider inviting to our network.

Vendry is a free service for gathering proposals from the best agencies to solve your problems. By running end to end agency searches to find marketing, web and design partners, we enable teams to discover better agencies faster and for free.


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