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Finding better agencies is free.

We understand that you can source and vet partners yourself - that’s why since day 1, we’ve made Vendry a free service for our clients, to provide you a cost-free alternative to finding better agency partners without doing the work alone.
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There's Zero Risk With Vendry

No Commitments
100% Free
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We Get Paid By The Agency

While our primary mission as a business is to help companies match and hire better agency partners, we also operate as a very effective customer acquisition service for agencies. To ensure alignment between your company, our agencies and Vendry, we've built a business model that forces us to find you the right match, otherwise we don't make any money.

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Your Success Is Key To Our Success

If we bring you bad matches, you won’t hire them and we make $0. If you hire one of our agencies and it’s a poor fit, we make practically nothing. Our business only survives if we do a great job at finding you and our agencies the perfect fit. That’s what we are laser focused on and how we can offer you a free service with no strings attached.

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How We Align Our Success To Yours

Finding You The Perfect Match

By helping you find, vet and hire the right agency for your business, your company benefits from having a partner that knows how to help you scale. The better the match, the more your company grows and the more likely you are to retain them as a strategic piece of your business.

Helping Agencies Acquire Great Customers
Vendry Wins If Everyone Wins
Can't find the answer you're looking for? Reach out and our team will be happy to help.

No. We never charge you for services, and so no deposit or payment method is required. When we say no strings attached, we mean it.

Nothing. If you aren't satisfied with the agencies that Vendry sources you, we can either try again or you can continue finding partners yourself. That’s the magic of our business model, we make $0 if you don’t like our agency recommendations. It’s why we stay up at night thinking about how to improve our matches every day.

99% of agencies rely on referral partnerships to grow their business, which means that our cost is also built into their standard margins. We audit the rates quoted to our clients to ensure our costs are not passed on to you. In fact in most cases our clients tend to get better pricing as a result of our support in helping them negotiate their final agreements.

Assuming your payment status with the agency is in good standing and all remaining fees stipulated in your agreement are paid, you will be reimbursed within a week of your request being placed once it is approved by the Vendry team based on the steps above.

No business can exist without marketing, agencies included. In most cases it's actually the opposite, where the most successful agencies understand the importance of partnerships and advertising and spend considerable resources to grow their business. All of Vendry’s partners are heavily vetted and considered amongst some of the most prestigious and well regarded in their industries.

Vendry is a free service for gathering proposals from the best agencies to solve your problems. By running end to end agency searches to find marketing, web and design partners, we enable teams to discover better agencies faster and for free.


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