Top Gaming and App Marketing Agencies for 2024

In the digital era of 2024, the gaming and app industry is more vibrant and competitive than ever, making the right marketing approach critical to stand out. Our guide to the top gaming and app marketing agencies of 2024 is your essential roadmap to the agencies that have mastered the art of captivating and engaging the digital audience. These frontrunners in digital marketing are redefining promotional strategies with their innovative approaches, combining creative storytelling, cutting-edge technology, and data-driven insights. Whether it’s launching a groundbreaking game or scaling a unique app, these agencies are the power players behind some of the most successful digital products. Dive into our curated list to find the perfect partner to propel your digital offering to new heights of popularity and success in 2024's dynamic market.

The Best Gaming and App Agencies for Growth in 2024

App Guardians

App Guardians is a mobile-first advertising agency offering next-level growth solutions. They were founded to continually collaborate with the most innovative and most creative.

Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada
Founded: 2018
Team Size: 10
Top Clients:

  • Ten Percent Happier
  • TouchTunes
  • Zynga

Team Quote/Superpower: The team of experienced mobile professionals at App Guardians provides best-in-class strategic and creative UA growth services to grow their clients’ brands. Their strategies, driven by data and inspired by creativity, utilize the most cutting-edge techniques for mobile growth that place their clients’ user acquisition and retention among the top results.


At AppDNA, the team assists forward-thinking app production teams in leading innovation at their companies, getting recognized as significant contributors to mobile growth, and clearly demonstrating the ROI of their app growth activities.

Headquarters: London, UK
Founded: 2017
Team Size: 11
Top Clients:

  • Aion Bank
  • Dunkin'
  • Homa Games

Team Quote/Superpower: The AppDNA team takes pride in understanding new and dynamically changing mobile app industries of all shapes and sizes. At the end of the day, their goal is simple - Convert moredownloads to dollars with ROI-focused app growth solutions.

Rocketship HQ

Rocketship HQ is a growth agency that helps mobile apps grow in a post-identifier world. Rocketship HQ is a Meta, Google and Tiktok partner - and powers some of the world's leading apps in their growth.

Headquarters: New York, NY
Founded: 2018
Team Size: 12
Top Clients:

  • Bumble
  • Project Makeover
  • Wordscapes,

Team Quote/Superpower: "We marry creative performance/insights with growth marketing - thanks to our superstar teams that power both."


Studio is an NYC-based digital product strategy, design & development studio.

Headquarters: New York, NY
Founded: 2019
Team Size: 30
Top Clients:

  • Tony Robbins
  • QVC
  • Mustard

Team Quote/Superpower: Studio creates digital products 2x faster than most other agencies and in-house teams. This is achieved via 100% senior team each of whom has more than 15 years of experience and 10 years working together. The Studio team is fully US, UK & France-based meaning no cultural context is lost in translating product requirements and designs to functional code.

Hawke Media

Hawke Media is a full-service Outsourced CMO based in Santa Monica, CA, providing the guidance, planning, and execution to grow brands of all sizes, industries and business models. Hawke’s collaborative process, à la carte offering, and a flexible contract structure give clients the flexibility they need to boost digital revenues and marketing ROI.

Los Angeles, CA
Founded: 2013
Team Size: 125
Top Clients:

  • Crocs
  • Lorna Jane
  • Belle Medical

Team Quote/Superpower: Hawke Media was recognized by Inc. as the country's fastest-growing marketing consultancy, and is proudly one of Glassdoor's "Best Places to Work".

Theorycraft Marketing

Theorycraft Marketing is a leading video game marketing agency with a wealth of experience in the gaming sector.Whether you don’t have any marketing resources in-house, or if you need reinforcement for your existing set up, we Integrate smoothly as an extension of your team. We can plan and execute revenue generating ad campaigns, reliably source, manage and optimise data-led influencer campaigns, and measure direct ROI on all digital marketing spending.

London, UK
Founded: 2018
Team Size: 3
Top Clients:

  • PUBG: Battlegrounds
  • Youtubers Life 2
  • CI Games

Team Quote/Superpower: Much like a Theorycrafter, we analyse data and market trends to create optimal strategies and tactics to market your video game. We facilitate the scale of PC, Console and Mobile games by creating revenue generating ad campaigns, using marketing-leading technology to measure direct ROI on all marketing spending.


Growth marketing automation and expertise for web3 and mobile games. User Acquisition, Marketing Analytics, Creative Development, App Store Optimization.

Livingston, TX
Founded: 2019
Team Size: 25
Top Clients:

  • Axie Infinity
  • Bytedance
  • Immutable

Team Quote/Superpower: Our growth team drives user acquisition, creative development, data analytics, and growth strategy for the world's preeminent games companies.We partner with you across your entire marketing funnel to profitably scale your game to massive global audiences.

We The Collective

We craft the next big thing for youth entertainment brands. We are a group of creatively focused digital experts with an obsession for quality and a passion for people. The websites, digital products and content we create help share brand stories with new audiences across the globe.

Vancouver, Canada
Founded: 2007
Team Size: 40
Top Clients:

  • Pokemon Snap
  • Sword & Shield

Team Quote/Superpower: We solve real business challenges by connecting entertainment brands with their fans. The websites and digital products we create help share brand stories with new audiences across the globe.

Top Trends in Gaming and App Marketing in 2024

Immersive and Interactive Advertising:

In 2024, the trend in gaming and app marketing leans heavily towards immersive and interactive advertising. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies are being increasingly used to create engaging ad experiences. These immersive ads offer potential users a taste of the app or game, significantly increasing engagement and interest. Brands are creating interactive ad content that allows users to experience a snippet of the game or app, leading to higher conversion rates.

Influencer and Streamer Collaborations:

Collaborations with influencers and streamers continue to be a dominant trend in the gaming and app marketing space. Influencers and streamers provide a genuine and trusted voice, and their endorsements can reach highly engaged and targeted audiences. In 2024, there’s a growing emphasis on long-term partnerships with these digital personalities, integrating them more deeply into marketing campaigns for authenticity and extended reach.

Personalization through AI and Machine Learning:

Personalization, powered by AI and machine learning, is transforming how games and apps are marketed. Marketers are using these technologies to analyze user data and deliver personalized advertising content. This approach ensures that marketing efforts are more relevant to individual users based on their behavior, preferences, and in-app activities, leading to more effective user acquisition and retention strategies.

Esports and Competitive Gaming Integration:

The integration of esports and competitive gaming elements into marketing strategies is a growing trend. Leveraging the popularity and engagement of esports, brands are sponsoring tournaments and creating competitive events around their games. This not only boosts visibility but also fosters a sense of community and loyalty among users.

How a Gaming and App Marketing Agency Can Help Your Business Grow

In the complex world of B2B and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) in 2024, collaborating with a specialized agency can significantly amplify your business's growth trajectory. Here's how these agencies can be instrumental in your success:

Expertise in Niche Marketing:

Gaming and app marketing agencies bring specialized knowledge unique to the digital entertainment industry. They understand the nuances of marketing games and apps, from identifying the right target audience to crafting messages that resonate. Their expertise in this niche market means they can navigate its challenges more effectively than generalist marketing firms.

Innovative Campaign Strategies:

These agencies are at the forefront of innovative marketing strategies tailored to the gaming and app world. They employ tactics like in-game advertising, influencer collaborations, and viral social media campaigns. Their creative approaches ensure your product stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Data-Driven User Acquisition and Retention:

Utilizing advanced analytics, gaming and app marketing agencies help you understand your audience deeply. They track user behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns to optimize marketing efforts for both acquisition and retention. This data-driven approach ensures that your marketing budget is used effectively to attract and keep users.

Leveraging Emerging Technologies:

With the rapid advancement of technology, these agencies keep abreast of the latest trends like AR, VR, and AI, incorporating them into marketing strategies. By leveraging these technologies, they create immersive and engaging experiences that capture users' attention and interest.

Community Building and Engagement:

A key strength of specialized agencies is their ability to build and engage communities around games and apps. They manage forums, social media platforms, and beta testing groups, fostering a sense of community among users. This engagement not only boosts loyalty but also provides valuable feedback for future development.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Why should I choose a specialized gaming and app marketing agency?

Specialized agencies have a deep understanding of the gaming and app market, including audience behaviors, trends, and effective marketing strategies unique to this niche. They can provide targeted expertise and innovative approaches that a general marketing agency might not offer.

2. How do these agencies help in user acquisition for games and apps?

These agencies use a variety of techniques for user acquisition, including targeted advertising, influencer partnerships, social media campaigns, and ASO (App Store Optimization). They focus on reaching and engaging the right audience to increase downloads and active users.

3. Can a marketing agency assist with launching a new game or app?

Yes, marketing agencies can play a crucial role in launching new games and apps. They help in creating buzz before the launch, developing promotional material, planning the launch strategy, and ensuring a strong presence across various marketing channels.

4. What kind of marketing strategies do these agencies use for apps and games?

Agencies use a mix of marketing strategies such as content marketing, email campaigns, paid advertising, community building, influencer marketing, and event promotions. The choice of strategies depends on the game or app's target audience and marketing goals.

5. How important is influencer marketing in this niche?

Influencer marketing is very important in the gaming and app sector. Influencers can provide credibility and extensive reach to a targeted audience. Agencies typically collaborate with influencers who align with the game or app's genre and target demographic.

6. How do agencies measure the success of their marketing campaigns?

Success is measured using various metrics, including download numbers, user engagement rates, retention rates, and ROI. Agencies use analytics tools to track these metrics and adjust strategies for optimal performance.

7. Are these agencies equipped to handle both small indie projects and large-scale games?

Yes, most agencies are flexible and can cater to both small indie projects and large-scale games. They tailor their strategies and services to suit the scale and budget of the project.