Top PR Agencies for 2024

In a world where digital influence shapes public perception, these agencies are not just representing brands; they're revolutionizing how stories are told and heard. Our 2024 Top PR agencies do everything from harnessing AI for razor-sharp targeting to crafting viral social media campaigns, they blend traditional PR wisdom with digital age tactics.

Perfect for startups craving the spotlight or established brands looking to refresh their image, our guide is your ticket to partnering with agencies that are writing the next chapter in public relations. Get ready to meet the agencies setting the PR world ablaze in 2024.

The Best Public Relations Agencies for 2024


A leader in B2B tech PR for nearly 20 years, Blast agency has been executing PR since B2B software was sold on discs and installed on-prem. With the advent of SaaS, they’ve evolved their PR strategies and digitally transformed their agency to mirror the reporting, measurement, and communication expectations of modern SaaS marketers.

Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN
Founded: 2005
Team Size: 40
Top Clients:

  • Bloomreach
  • Totango
  • Ivalua

Team Quote/Superpower: They understand your SaaS business, company culture, and product. You don’t have to pull them along – they push you to keep innovating, finding new ways to tell your story and add value.

Firecracker PR

Firecracker PR gets brands known, period. For 20 years they've represented companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500, helping them get the consistent media coverage that they deserve.

Headquarters: Brea, CA
Founded: 2004
Team Size: 25
Top Clients:

  • Ecobat
  • Intuity Medical
  • Inspectorio

Team Quote/Superpower: Firecracker PR has one singular focus: to rapidly scale your awareness as fast as possible. We do this through our proven 5 step process called "Ignites".

Red Lorry Yellow Lory

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry is a global PR and marketing agency specializing in working with b2b tech brands. The team taps into the power of data and content to build brands, tell stories and drive international business growth. They’re experts at making the complex easy to understand. With seven offices (London, Boston, Austin, LA, Paris, Berlin and Bristol), and the support of its global PR group Convoy, the agency’s reach extends worldwide.

London, Berlin, Paris, Boston, Austin, Los Angeles
Founded: 2003
Team Size: 50
Top Clients:

  • Panavision
  • Mercer Mass Timber

Team Quote/Superpower: The agency supports brand strategy and messaging, influencer relations, content marketing, social media, digital and more, to help disruptive brands gain awareness and influence in competitive markets.

Zak Communications

ZAK is a leading Canadian public relations agency with two decades of experience, specializing in  lifestyle, luxury, fashion and beauty communications. Agile, connected, bilingual and B Corp certified – their mission is to deliver purposeful communication strategies that drive brand momentum forward.

Headquarters: Montreal & Toronto, Canada
Founded: 2004
Team Size: 10
Top Clients:

  • Fenty Beauty
  • Oribe
  • Messika Paris

Team Quote/Superpower: Their superpower has always been their transparent, human centric approach. They've earned their reputation among media as a go to resource not only because of their professionalism, but also because of the value they place on human relationships.

Matte PR

Matte PR is a full-service strategic PR firm based in Toronto. They create meaningful relationships with media and industry stakeholders, helping brands grow their community.

Headquarters: Toronto, Canada
Founded: 2016
Team Size: 6
Top Clients:

  • Afterpay
  • Engel & Völkers
  • Ladurée

Team Quote/Superpower: They holistically look at your business from every angle, then create a communications strategy designed to achieve your profile-building goals. They develop meaningful initiatives and activations that are remembered and earn valuable media attention and digital impressions.

Top PR Trends for 2024:

Hyper-Personalized Storytelling:

The PR industry is witnessing a shift towards hyper-personalized storytelling. This trend focuses on crafting narratives that resonate deeply with specific audience segments. Utilizing advanced data analytics to understand audience preferences, PR agencies are creating highly customized content that speaks directly to individual interests and values. This approach not only enhances audience engagement but also fosters a stronger, more authentic connection between brands and their consumers.

Integrated Multimedia Campaigns:

The power of multimedia in public relations is reaching new heights in 2024. PR agencies are increasingly adopting an integrated approach, combining traditional media, digital platforms, and emerging technologies to disseminate messages. This trend sees the use of engaging video content, interactive web experiences, and immersive virtual events, offering a multi-faceted narrative experience. By diversifying the mediums used to communicate messages, brands can capture a wider audience and create more impactful and memorable campaigns.

Real-Time and Reactive PR Strategies:

As the media landscape becomes more dynamic, real-time and reactive PR strategies are becoming crucial. In 2024, PR agencies are focusing on agility, enabling brands to quickly respond to current events, trends, and consumer feedback. This approach requires a keen eye on social and media trends and the ability to swiftly craft and disseminate messages. The result is a more relevant and timely interaction with audiences, positioning brands as both current and conscientious in their communication efforts.

How a PR Agency Can Grow Your Brand in 2024

In the dynamic and fast-paced world of 2024, a PR agency can play a pivotal role in elevating and growing your brand. Here’s how these agencies are transforming the way brands interact with their audiences and the media:

Crafting Compelling Narratives:

A PR agency's expertise lies in its ability to tell your brand's story in a way that resonates with your target audience. In 2024, storytelling goes beyond simple press releases; it involves creating a narrative that is authentic, engaging, and aligns with your brand values. This narrative is then consistently communicated across various platforms, helping to build a strong, recognizable brand identity.

Strategic Media Relations:

PR agencies have established relationships with key media outlets and influencers. By leveraging these connections, they can ensure that your brand’s message reaches a wider and more relevant audience. This exposure is crucial for building brand awareness and credibility in a competitive market.

Crisis Management and Reputation Control:

PR agencies in 2024 are utilizing data analytics to gain deeper insights into audience behavior and preferences. This data-driven approach allows for more targeted and effective PR campaigns, ensuring that your brand’s messaging strikes a chord with the right audience at the right time.

Data-Driven Audience Insights:

PR agencies in 2024 are utilizing data analytics to gain deeper insights into audience behavior and preferences. This data-driven approach allows for more targeted and effective PR campaigns, ensuring that your brand’s messaging strikes a chord with the right audience at the right time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I look for in a PR agency in 2024?

Look for an agency with a strong track record in your industry, innovative approaches to PR, and a deep understanding of digital and traditional media landscapes. Check their expertise in storytelling, crisis management, and data-driven strategies. Also, assess their ability to adapt to changing media trends and their success in achieving measurable results for their clients.

2. How important is it for a PR agency to have digital expertise?

In 2024, digital expertise is crucial. A competent PR agency should be proficient in digital strategies, including social media management, content marketing, and online reputation management. They should also be able to leverage digital analytics to gauge campaign effectiveness and audience engagement.

3. Can a PR agency help with crisis management?

Yes, crisis management is a key service offered by PR agencies. They can help you prepare for potential crises, manage real-time responses to mitigate damage, and implement strategies to rebuild and maintain trust post-crisis.

4. What kind of ROI can I expect from hiring a PR agency?

ROI from PR efforts can include increased brand awareness, improved public perception, higher engagement rates, and in some cases, direct impacts on sales. The specific ROI will depend on your campaign goals and how effectively the agency executes its strategies.

5. How does a PR agency measure the success of its campaigns?

PR agencies use various metrics to measure success, including media coverage quality and quantity, social media engagement, website traffic, audience sentiment analysis, and, where applicable, lead generation or sales metrics.

6. What is the typical contract or engagement term with a PR agency?

Engagement terms can vary. Some agencies work on a project basis, while others may require a longer-term contract, typically ranging from six months to a year. It’s important to discuss and agree on the terms that align with your campaign goals and budget.

7. Should I choose a specialized agency or a full-service firm?

It depends on your specific needs. If you require specialized knowledge or have a niche market, a specialized agency might be more beneficial. However, if you need a range of services, a full-service firm could offer more comprehensive solutions. Fortunately, Vendry works with agencies of all varieties and can recommend the right one based on your project requirements.