Top Packaging Design Agencies for 2024

Packaging design has transcended mere functionality to become a crucial element of brand storytelling and customer engagement. Our guide to the top packaging design agencies of 2024 unveils the creative powerhouses that are redefining brand packaging. These agencies are at the forefront of blending aesthetics with practicality, infusing brand identity into every aspect of packaging design. They are not just designing containers; they're crafting visual experiences that resonate with consumers, enhance brand recall, and drive purchasing decisions. From sustainable materials to innovative designs that capture the essence of the brand, these agencies are setting new benchmarks in packaging that stands out on the shelves. Explore our curated list to partner with an agency that can transform your product's first impression into a lasting impact in 2024's competitive marketplace.

The Best Packaging Design Agencies for Growth in 2024


Mudge is a comprehensive branding agency partnering with CPG entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who want to break new ground with a distinctive brand that intuitively connects with their perfect customer. Led by Kelly Mudge Criswell– a leading expert in food & beverage branding and packaging design– Mudge brings 20+ years of experience and the spirit of innovation to every partnership.

Headquarters: Burbank, CA
Founded: 2022
Team Size: 10
Top Clients:

  • Helados Mexico
  • Beechers Cheese
  • Good Day Chocolate

Team Quote/Superpower: We live and breathe CPG branding and packaging design. We solve brand problems with disruptive, strategy, consumer-centric design.


Macaroni is a design studio specializing in creating brand identities, packaging & websites for food & beverage brands.

Headquarters: Woodside, NY
Founded: 2017
Team Size: 2
Top Clients:

  • Bare Bones
  • Blue Beer
  • Nimble

Team Quote/Superpower: Whether you are a small startup or big-name brand looking for a fresh take, we love working closely with our clients at all stages to help them meet their design goals and get their product into carts (both online & IRL.)

Saint Urbain

Saint-Urbain is an award-winning creative agency focused on brand identity, strategy, and all things design. They’re an independent studio working with passionate clients across the world to get to the heart of who they are and what makes them special. Their goal is always the same: to make memorable, lasting work across a variety of mediums.

Headquarters: New York, NY
Founded: 2017
Team Size: 10
Top Clients:

  • YouTube
  • Heineken
  • Sweet Chick

Team Quote/Superpower: They are a multidisciplinary team of writers, designers and strategists from around the world, who are extremely passionate about what they do. Their team is extremely dynamic and diverse, giving them a unique perspective on the work they create.


WonderWild is a brand identity + design studio focused on helping CPG brands level up through emotionally compelling design. From creating new brands to refreshing old ones, they'll help you stand out from the crowd and resonate with your tribe.

Headquarters: Lincoln, NE
Founded: 2015
Team Size: 4
Top Clients:

  • ESSE Water
  • Kinloch Farm
  • Goodly Cookies

Team Quote/Superpower: WonderWild's goal in every project is to harness the power of smart & beautiful design in a way that uniquely tells your story, makes a memorable first impression, deeply resonates with your tribe and sets you apart for years to come.

Kona Made

Kona Made is a creative agency whose focus lies on developing design that delivers. They craft authentic branding, packaging and website experiences that attract your core consumers—who whole heartedly value what you do and why you’re different.

Headquarters: Austin, TX
Founded: 2019
Team Size: 4
Top Clients:

  • Elastique
  • Dearly
  • Good Psyche

Team Quote/Superpower: Kona Made consistently brings their A-game to the table, executing a tailored strategy that aligns with individual goals. With a deep appreciation for the brand as the foundation of each business, they are committed to assisting in shining brightest in the areas that need it most.

Top Packaging Design Trends for 2024

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Materials:

Sustainability is a dominant trend in packaging design for 2024. Brands are increasingly opting for eco-friendly materials like biodegradable plastics, recycled paper, and plant-based packaging. This shift reflects a growing consumer demand for environmentally responsible products and packaging solutions that minimize ecological impact.

Minimalist and Clean Design:

Minimalism continues to be a key trend, with brands favoring clean, uncluttered packaging designs that communicate simplicity and elegance. This approach often involves using a limited color palette, straightforward typography, and ample white space. Such designs not only appeal to the modern consumer’s aesthetic preferences but also emphasize the product's quality and essential features.

Bold and Vibrant Colors:

Bold and vibrant colors are making a statement in packaging design. Brands are embracing bright, eye-catching hues to stand out on shelves and capture consumer attention. This trend is often coupled with innovative graphic designs and patterns, creating packaging that is visually striking and memorable.

Personalization and Customization:

Personalized packaging is gaining traction, offering customers a unique unboxing experience. Advances in printing technology allow for cost-effective customization, enabling brands to add personalized messages, names, or designs. This trend is particularly popular in gift items and subscription services, where the packaging is tailored to the recipient, enhancing the emotional connection with the brand.

How a Packaging Design Agency Can Help You in 2024

In the fast-evolving market of 2024, a packaging design agency can play a pivotal role in differentiating your product and elevating your brand. Here’s how partnering with a specialized agency can benefit your business:

Creating Sustainable and Impactful Designs:

Agencies adept in packaging design are skilled at combining sustainability with aesthetic appeal. They can help you choose eco-friendly materials and design packages that not only reduce environmental impact but also resonate with eco-conscious consumers. This approach aligns your brand with the growing trend of environmental responsibility while ensuring your product stands out.

Tailoring Designs to Market Trends and Consumer Preferences:

These agencies have their fingers on the pulse of the latest market trends and consumer preferences. They can craft packaging designs that reflect current styles, colors, and themes, ensuring your product remains relevant and appealing to your target audience.

Enhancing Brand Identity and Storytelling:

A packaging design agency can translate your brand's identity and story into the packaging. This process involves using design elements that reflect your brand's values, heritage, and unique selling points, creating a strong visual connection between the product and your brand.

Utilizing Innovative Technologies:

With advancements in packaging technology, agencies can incorporate interactive elements such as QR codes, AR interfaces, or smart labels into your packaging. These features not only enhance user engagement but also provide additional channels for marketing and communication.

Differentiating Products in a Competitive Market:

In a crowded marketplace, unique and creative packaging can be the differentiator that captures consumer attention. Agencies specialize in creating distinctive designs that make your product stand out on shelves, ultimately driving sales and brand recognition.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What are the benefits of working with a packaging design agency?

Working with a packaging design agency brings several benefits, including access to professional and creative design expertise, alignment with the latest market trends, innovative use of materials and technology, and the ability to create packaging that stands out and resonates with your target audience.

2. How do packaging design agencies incorporate sustainability?

Agencies focus on using eco-friendly materials, reducing waste, and optimizing package size and shape for environmental efficiency. They stay informed about sustainable practices and materials to ensure your packaging aligns with environmental standards and consumer expectations.

3. Can a packaging design agency help with rebranding?

Yes, these agencies can play a crucial role in rebranding efforts, especially in redesigning packaging to reflect the new brand identity. They can ensure that your new branding is consistently represented across all packaging materials.

4. How long does the packaging design process typically take?

The timeline can vary depending on the complexity of the project, the materials and technologies used, and the extent of the design work required. Generally, the process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

5. Are there specific industries that benefit more from specialized packaging design?

While all industries can benefit from professional packaging design, sectors such as food and beverages, cosmetics, healthcare, and consumer electronics often see a higher impact due to the significant role of packaging in product presentation and consumer perception in these markets.

6. How does a packaging design agency ensure my packaging stands out?

Agencies conduct market research to understand industry trends and consumer preferences. They use this insight, along with creative design techniques, to create unique packaging that catches the eye and differentiates your product on the shelves.

7. How involved do I need to be in the packaging design process?

Client involvement is crucial, especially during the initial brief and concept stages. However, the level of ongoing involvement can vary. Most agencies will manage the bulk of the design work but will require your feedback and approval at key stages.